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About Jen Amos

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. – Mahatma Gandhi

Who is Jen Amos?

Jen Amos likes to describe herself as a simple solopreneur, an introspective millennial, and social media enthusiast. She has been in the social media industry since she began as a blogger in 2002. In 2008, Jen started to implement social media marketing campaigns for nonprofits and small businesses. Jen graduated San Diego State University with a Bachelor’s in Journalism emphasis Public Relations. Social Turtles officially began in March 2013 when she saw the demand for social media marketing services amongst her business networking colleagues.

Today, Jen Amos mainly serves as a project manager for her global team and clients nationwide. She’s been featured in local media outlets such as The Living East, TheFilipinoAmerican(dot)com, Our Hometown Magazine, and The ASIAN Reader. May 2014, she was the youngest keynote speaker for the San Diego State University Filipino Graduation Ceremony. Jen was also a recipient of the Emerging Leader Award at the Philippine Library & Historical Heritage Museum’s Fiesta Filipiniana 2015.

2017 is a year of passion projects for Jen. She founded and co-hosts The Filipino American Woman Project and The Simple Solopreneur. In the professional community, Jen is the public relations officer of the South Bay San Diego Leads Club, an exclusive member of the Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Marketing Society, and an appointed member of the Youth Campaigns Digital Marketing Advisory Board.

Outside of business, Jen enjoys listening to podcasts regarding social media marketing, entrepreneurship, personal development, and her favorite TV shows. She also serves as a table leader for her favorite spiritual growth group, Propel Women.

What is The Jen Amos Network?

This blog is intended to be a resource for South Bay San Diego entrepreneurs and professionals that are looking for local connections, resources, products, services, events, as well as entrepreneurial inspiration. If you’d like to share in my collection of local connections, resources, events, and entrepreneurial stories, let’s network! You can contact Jen Amos at any of her contact info on the right column of this website.