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I get asked frequently what books I would recommend for entrepreneurial, professional or personal development, etc. Here’s a list of my book recommendations based on the topics I’ve been asked about. When you make a purchase through these affiliate links, you help support my business. Thank you. 🙂

Living A Purpose Driven Life – It’s not about you. The first thing I had to learn about understanding my purpose in life is realizing that it’s not about me. It’s about understanding how I was built so I can serve others.

Relationships Are Everything – I had strictly built my life through my relationships. Here are books that have helped me do just that.

Shifting From An Employee to An Entrepreneur Mindset – These books were fundamental for me to shift my mindset from the suggested life that had been ingrained me at an early age to my intentional, desired life.

Abandonment Issues – For anyone that’s ever felt fundamentally defected or get overwhelmed and even embarrassed by your own emotions, I highly recommend these books. These books have helped me rewire my mind and heart to embrace the love I deserve. And my hope is that it does for you, too. 🙂

Letting Go Of Relationships – Whether it’s personal or professional, I had to make very hard decisions to go from good associations to great associations. This is a book that has personally helped me change my mindset and encourage me to make some of my hardest life decisions.

Tech Recommendations – Now that I’ve been doing more Facebook Live shows, I’ve been asked what type of tech do I use? Here you go!