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A December to Remember – 2016

by thejenamosnetwork on March 10, 2017, no comments

Have you thought about getting on Facebook Live, but you weren’t exactly sure how you were going to get started? Me, too. It was only in mid-November 2016 when a girlfriend of mine invited me to partake in the GSD Video Challenge. This was a challenge to do one video a day during the month […]

A Solopreneur’s Life In 31 Days

by thejenamosnetwork on September 27, 2016, no comments

August 2016 marks my three year anniversary since I got fired from my fourth and last traditional job. Since then, I have earned more money every year being self-employed than I’ve ever had as an employee. And yet, I work less (because I work smart …more on this later), and I humbly say that I […]

31 Days With God

by thejenamosnetwork on February 7, 2016, no comments

Hello friends my name is Jen Amos. I’m imperfect in many ways. I grew up as the daughter of a narcissistic mother. I’ve struggled with fears of abandonment since I lost my dad. I tend to fall victim to the imposter syndrome from time to time. I have a very nurturing personality, which means that I […]

Seven Steps To Generate Leads On Social Media

by thejenamosnetwork on November 12, 2015, no comments

Hello there! I had a great time presenting at Let’s Network Chula Vista on the Seven Steps to Generate Leads on Social Media. I’ve been getting a lot of requests on the slides, so here it is! All you have to do is text the code “SMW1110” to 44222. Enjoy! In case you’re wondering… I noticed […]

400 Instagram Followers Later

by thejenamosnetwork on July 23, 2015, one comment

So let’s recap: June 4, 2015, I decided to do a case study on the Social Turtles Instagram account. Why? Because on July 23rd, I’ll be doing a presentation on Instagram at the 2015 Social Media Conference and well… what better time to update Instagram when you’re asked to speak about it? June 6, 2015, I reported […]

SnapChat From A Newbie’s Perspective

by thejenamosnetwork on July 6, 2015, no comments

You’d think I’d be on SnapChat sooner, but believe it or not… I don’t fit in the ideal demographic of SnapChat which is between the ages of 18-24. (I’m older than I look, but thank you for mistaking me as being younger. I get it from my mama. 😛 ) This is the third time I deleted/downloaded […]

Apparently, I’m What They Call A “Millennial.”

by thejenamosnetwork on July 2, 2015, no comments

I’d say in the past year or so, I’ve been hearing this term “Millennial.” More importantly, people that meet me for the first time tend describe me as a typical “Millennial.” This feeling of being called a typical “Millennial” is reminiscent to me being described as a typical “Sagittarius.” (Hmm… future blog idea on my Zodiac sign, […]

Graduation Letter To My Sister

by thejenamosnetwork on June 13, 2015, no comments

This weekend, my sister graduates from college. She is the last Amos sibling to get a college degree. I’ve been told that it was our dad’s dream to have all of his children graduate from college. I know he’s resting peacefully now that we’ve made his dreams come true. 🙂 So… one of my sister’s classmates was […]