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A December to Remember – 2016

by thejenamosnetwork on March 10, 2017, no comments

Have you thought about getting on Facebook Live, but you weren’t exactly sure how you were going to get started? Me, too. It was only in mid-November 2016 when a girlfriend of mine invited me to partake in the GSD Video Challenge. This was a challenge to do one video a day during the month of December 2016. Joining a community of fellow professionals and entrepreneurs to embark a new and exciting challenge, it was an easy decision to jump on the opportunity.

Click here to watch my first Facebook Live now where I focus on celebrating community in my personal and professional life. Click here to watch my videos now – all of them tagged with #GSDVideoChallenge.

My life had jumped on the fast track since, click here to see a list of commentary videos where I do a reflection on the #GSDVideoChallenge.

And lastly, click here to see the latest project that was inspired by the GSD Video Challenge.